Streaming Broadcast Studio

in-house Studio

Rent Streaming Studio in Malta, operates a broadcast quality streaming studio. Our facilities consist of a podcast style stage, 6 remote PTZ cameras, mission control, a multitude of lighting fixtures, a 3x3m green screen, a 72-inch interactive screen, and 4 edit suites.

The studio is primarily used for the production and promotion of the House of Streams series; however, upcoming time slots may soon become available.

Audiovisual and lighting technicians in-house. 

Interviewer (right): Trudy Kurr

Podcast Studio
The Studio is equipped with:
Camera Equipment & Gallery

Sony FX9

Sony A7s3

Blackmagic HyperDeck Studio HD Plus (26 channels)

Atomos Sumos

Atomos – Shogun Studio II

6 Panasonic UE150 PTZ cameras

Panasonic AW-RP150 PTZ Remote Controller

Blackmagic ATEM 4 M/E Constellation 

Blackmagic Smart Video Hub 40×40

Decimator SDI / HDMI Cross Converters

Blackmagic – Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI to HDMI 3G with power supply

Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel 

Blackmagic ATEM 2 M/E Advanced Panel

6 Marchall 503 Micro Cameras

Go Pro 11


4 x 42in LCD Monitors


Aputure 600D Pro LLED

Aputure LS 300X Bi-Colour LED Light Kit

Aputure Light Dome 150

Aputure LS 300 d mk2

F22 bi Amaran LED Mate 2ft x 2 ft

Amaran T4c RGBWW 3-Tube Kit w/ Battery Grip – 4ft

Amaran T2c RGBWW 3-Tube Kit w/ Battery Grip – 2ft

Aputure F10 8-Leaf Barndoors W18

Aputure LS 300 d mk2 DH

Aputure LS 120d MK2 DH

Aputure 250 bi colour W18

Aputure AL MC  8 Lights

F21 bi Amaran LED Mate 2ft x 1 ft

LED strip amaran SM5c


Fostex / Genelex Powered Audio Speaker

Behringer Xenyx 502S

32 Channel Digital Deck (18 Inputs, 12 outputs onboard)

16 channel Stage box expansion (16 Inputs, 8 outputs onboard)

Radio Mics – Receivers G4 – Sennheiser – EW 100 ME2 G4 E-Band

Antenna Splitter – ASA1 (X4 for each 4 recievers) (X1 to combine all 4 sets together)

Radio Mics – Belt packs G3 or G4

Radio Mics – lavalier mics Sennheiser ME 2

Lavlier Windsheild muffs

Radio Mics – Wearable mic

Radio Mics – Omni-Directional Antenna paddles A1031-U

Radio Mics – Directional Antenna paddles A2003

Radio Mics – Antenna Combiner ACA3 

Wired Mic – Talkback

Behringer Xenyx -502 2X2 USB soundcard (+48V mic power)

Elgato – Wave Mic Arm High Rise

Rode – Procaster Mic

Zoom F8n 8 Channel recorder

MixPre-10 II

Sonifex Audio DA (12 port)

Stage Electronics Balance Box Team
Malta Streaming Studio
Streamer Studio Malta